Unveiling Kapre: Gerilya’s Wheatpaste Artistry in Quezon City

kapre gerilya

Title: Kapre

  • Creator: Gerilya
  • Creator Nationality: Filipino
  • Creator Gender: Male, Female
  • Date: 2011
  • Location Created: Quezon City, Philippines, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Provenance: Gerilya
  • Type: Street Art
  • Medium: Wheatpaste
  • External Link: Gerilya’s Tumblr

Embarking on the Wheatpaste Tapestry: Gerilya’s Kapre Chronicles

Meet Gerilya: The Filipino Creative Collective

Nationality and Gender Inclusivity:
Gerilya, the artistic force behind “Kapre,” is a Filipino collective that transcends traditional gender norms. Embracing both male and female identities, Gerilya brings diversity to the Filipino street art scene.

The Genesis of “Kapre” in 2011

Street Art Unleashed:
The year 2011 witnessed the birth of “Kapre” on the vibrant streets of Quezon City, Philippines, nestled within the dynamic urban landscape of Metro Manila.

Deciphering “Kapre”: A Wheatpaste Tale

Medium of Expression

Wheatpaste Wonders:
Gerilya opted for wheatpaste as the medium for “Kapre,” a technique that involves applying a mixture of flour and water to surfaces. This choice not only aligns with the ethos of street art but also allows for a seamless integration into the urban environment.

Location Significance

Quezon City Canvas:
“Kapre” finds its home in Quezon City, adding an extra layer of significance to its narrative. The choice of location within Metro Manila amplifies the dialogue between the artwork and the cultural context of the Philippines.

Provenance: Gerilya’s Creative Realm

A Collective’s Imprint:
The provenance of “Kapre” lies within the creative realm of Gerilya. As a collective, Gerilya’s influence extends beyond individual artists, shaping a communal narrative in the Filipino street art tapestry.

Exploring Beyond the Art: Gerilya’s Online Presence

Virtual Canvas:
Gerilya extends its artistic reach into the digital realm with a dedicated Tumblr page. This online presence serves as a virtual canvas, allowing enthusiasts to explore and engage with the collective’s creations beyond the physical streets.

In Conclusion: “Kapre” – A Tapestry of Filipino Street Artistry

“Kapre” by Gerilya is more than a wheatpaste creation; it’s a testament to the inclusive and diverse spirit of Filipino street art. Emerging from the streets of Quezon City, this piece, with its unique medium and gender-inclusive roots, invites viewers to delve into the rich tapestry of Gerilya’s artistic expression in the heart of Metro Manila.

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