Kathmandu: A Mural Symphony of Nepal’s Diverse Tapestry

kathmandu prabal shrestha shramdip purakoti shristi shrestha sattya media arts collective

Title: Kathmandu

  • Creators: Prabal Shrestha, Shramdip Purakoti & Shristi Shrestha, Sattya Media Arts Collective
  • Date: 2013-02-26
  • Location Created: Dhokatole, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Type: Mural

The Mural Renaissance: Kolor Kathmandu Unleashed

In the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, a transformative project known as Kolor Kathmandu unfolded. Spearheaded by the Sattya Media Arts Collective, this initiative aimed to metamorphose the city into an open-air gallery, where the modern creative spirit of Nepal harmoniously coexists with the ancient temples that dot its landscape. The canvas? The walls of Kathmandu’s streets.

Creators of Kathmandu’s Mural Symphony

  • Prabal Shrestha
  • Shramdip Purakoti
  • Shristi Shrestha
  • Sattya Media Arts Collective

The driving forces behind the mural renaissance in Kathmandu were artists Prabal Shrestha, Shramdip Purakoti, and Shristi Shrestha, in collaboration with the Sattya Media Arts Collective. Their collective vision breathed life into the walls of Dhokatole, Kathmandu, etching an artistic narrative that transcends time.

Mural Metropolis: Kathmandu’s Street Symphony

  • Date of Creation: 2013-02-26
  • Location: Dhokatole, Kathmandu, Nepal

The mural, born on February 26, 2013, adorns the streets of Dhokatole, weaving a visual tapestry that resonates with the cultural richness of Nepal. The geographic coordinates (longitude: 85.306456, latitude: 27.705659) pinpoint the exact location where creativity blossomed into an immersive experience.

Kolor Kathmandu: A Fusion of Local and Global Artistry

Kolor Kathmandu invited a diverse array of local and international artists to engage, inspire, and learn from one another. The project served as a conduit for creative energies, with each mural representing impressions of 75 different districts, uniting Nepal’s past and present in a mural symphony.

Eternal Legacy: Mural as Timeless Expression

As the murals of Kathmandu’s streets silently echo the tales of 75 districts, the creators remain shrouded in the unknown. Yet, their legacy endures as Kathmandu transforms into a living canvas, a testament to the enduring power of art to encapsulate the essence of a nation.

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