KAV: An Enigmatic Street Artist

kav kav

In 2013, the artist known as KAV made a mark on Bogota, Colombia’s street art scene. KAV’s identity remains somewhat enigmatic, leaving behind their artwork in Bogota without comprehensive personal information.

KAV’s Artistry: Shaping Bogota’s Urban Canvas

During the year 2013, KAV’s creative expression resonated through the streets of Bogota. While specific details about KAV’s art remain undisclosed, their contributions likely engaged audiences through diverse visual narratives or styles, contributing to the vibrant street art culture of Bogota.


KAV, a mysterious figure in the realm of street art, left an artistic legacy in Bogota, Colombia, during the year 2013. Although details about the artist and their specific creations are scarce, KAV’s impact on the city’s urban canvas signifies their presence within Bogota’s rich street art landscape.

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