Kid Acne: The Artistic Portrait in Rome

kid acne portrait kid acne

Artist’s Overview

Kid Acne, a renowned British artist, illustrator, and hip-hop musician, was born in Lilongwe, Malawi, in 1978. He spent his early years in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, and currently resides and creates his art in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Kid Acne’s artistic journey began with graffiti, fanzine creation, and producing limited-edition records under his own label, Invisible Spies.

The Artwork: Kid Acne Portrait

In 2011, Kid Acne left a monumental mark in Rome, Italy, with a colossal portrait of himself created as part of an Outdoor Project. The portrait, crafted by Guido Gazzilli, captured the essence of the artist in a striking and massive 65 meters wide by 7 meters high mural.

Location and Details

Located on via del commercio 28, in the Ostiense district of Rome, Italy, Kid Acne’s portrait served as a significant addition to the urban landscape, showcasing his artistic prowess and captivating style.

Impact and Signature Style

Kid Acne’s signature artistic style, known for its unique flair, has left an enduring mark on various platforms. His art has adorned products for globally recognized brands such as Prada, Kenzo, Elle, Kid Robot, Brompton, and Warp Records, reflecting his versatile creative talent and ability to transcend artistic boundaries.

External Link

For further insights into Kid Acne’s impactful creation in Rome and his broader artistic portfolio, the artwork is featured on the website, offering a deeper dive into his innovative and influential presence in the art world.

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