Augustine Kofie: Melding Geometry into Mexican Streets

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In December 2013, Augustine Kofie, an iconic artist known for his geometric and contemporary constructive art, graced the streets of Mexico through a collaboration with the We Care program from Herman Miller. Painting a wall for ACCGS (All City Canvas), Kofie’s artwork was a testament to his unique blend of geometry and abstract forms.

Collaborative Creation

Augustine Kofie, hailing from California, USA, brought his distinctive retro-futuristic aesthetic to Tonalá 112 in Mexico City. Collaborating with Herman Miller’s We Care program, which focuses on design-based solutions and community impact, Kofie’s mural aimed to create an artistic environment in public spaces, benefiting both local communities and the company’s customers.

Inspirational Elements

Kofie’s artistic repertoire is characterized by an exploration of basic shapes and geometry. His work seamlessly blends retro and futuristic elements, employing vibrant colors and abstract shapes to create a distinct aesthetic. By drawing inspiration from fundamental shapes like blocks and geometric forms, Kofie creates murals, illustrations, and compositions that exude a dynamic and multi-dimensional perspective.

Artistic Precision

In his murals, Kofie expertly manipulates shapes, lines, balance, and depth, creating visually engaging and dynamic perspectives. His expertise lies in meticulously playing with the geometry and constructive forms, infusing each artwork with a sense of intricate design and depth.

Legacy in the Mexican Streets

Kofie’s temporary yet impactful creation on Tonalá 112 stands as a testament to his mastery of geometric artistry. The collaboration between the We Care program and the artist’s distinctive style brought an amalgamation of precision, artistry, and community impact to the streets of Mexico, leaving behind a legacy of creative geometric expression.

External Link and Artistic Attribution

The mural’s location on Tonalá 112 became a canvas for Kofie’s creative expression, accessible for viewers and passersby to admire. The external link provided access to ARTO / All City Canvas, serving as a platform to appreciate and delve deeper into the world of street art and urban creativity.


Tonalá 112, Mexico City, Mexico

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