Kristina: Siloette’s Mural Masterpiece

kristina siloette

Creator: Siloette

  • Date Created: 2012-07-20/2012-07-29
  • Location Created: 200 Ave D, Rochester, NY 14621, United States
    • Coordinates: Latitude 43.1806405, Longitude -77.6192665

Siloette: The Artist Behind Kristina

Siloette, an artist with an undisclosed lifespan, graced Rochester, New York, with a mesmerizing mural named “Kristina.” This mural, a testament to Siloette’s creative prowess, was a significant contribution to the city’s vibrant street art scene.

The Artwork: Kristina Mural

“Kristina,” a striking piece crafted between July 20 and July 29, 2012, exemplifies Siloette’s distinct style and skill with spray paint. Positioned at 200 Ave D in Rochester, this mural showcased Siloette’s ability to use urban spaces as canvases for creative expression.

WALL\THERAPY: A Platform for Art

The mural was part of WALL\THERAPY, an initiative fostering public art and cultural vibrancy in Rochester. Siloette’s “Kristina” added a unique flavor to the city’s artistic landscape, captivating passersby with its imagery and technique.

Rights and Recognition

The artwork’s rights belong to the respective artist, while Erich Lehman captured its essence for WALL\THERAPY, showcasing the mural’s impact through photography.

Legacy and Impact

“Kristina” by Siloette continues to resonate within the Rochester community, reflecting the transient yet impactful nature of street art. Its contribution to the city’s artistic narrative remains an enduring testament to Siloette’s artistic vision.

Note: The details provided offer insights into Siloette’s artwork “Kristina” as part of WALL\THERAPY in Rochester, New York.

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