Romain Froquet: Unveiling “L’oeil” in Paris

l oeil

The Artwork: “L’oeil” by Romain Froquet

In the vibrant streets of Paris, France, Romain Froquet, a French male artist born in 1982, presented the captivating creation known as “L’oeil” in 2014. This artwork stands as a testament to Froquet’s artistic prowess and imaginative vision within the 9eme Concept.

The Artist: Romain Froquet

Romain Froquet, a French painter, has made significant contributions to the contemporary art scene. His style embodies a fusion of influences, showcasing his unique approach and expertise in visual storytelling through painting.

Location and Creative Impression

“L’oeil” emerged within the artistic milieu of Paris, adding depth and artistic flair to the city’s landscape. Froquet’s painting “L’oeil” reflects his distinctive style, inviting viewers into a world of color, shapes, and symbolism.

Provenance and Artistic Ownership

The creation of “L’oeil” is attributed to Romain Froquet, underlining his artistic ownership and dedication to his craft. This artwork represents a glimpse into Froquet’s imaginative universe and his ability to evoke emotions through his paintings.

Contribution to 9eme Concept

Froquet’s participation within the 9eme Concept, a renowned collective of artists, signifies his engagement within a dynamic and collaborative artistic environment. His artwork “L’oeil” contributes to the group’s narrative and creative exploration.


“L’oeil” by Romain Froquet stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to transcend traditional artistic boundaries. Froquet’s artwork offers a visual feast that captivates viewers, showcasing his talent, creativity, and contribution to the ever-evolving realm of contemporary art in Paris.

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