Unveiling “La Calle”: Darkas and Zavo’s Bogota Street Art

la calle darkas and zavo
  • Title: La Calle
  • Creator: Darkas, Zavo
  • Date: 2011
  • Location Created: Bogota, Colombia

The Collaborative Street Art of Darkas and Zavo

“La Calle” stands as a collaborative venture between Darkas and Zavo, two prominent figures within Bogota’s vibrant street art scene. This joint effort encapsulates the essence of urban expressionism prevalent in the Colombian capital.

The Artistic Narrative

The details surrounding “La Calle” remain elusive, encapsulating the essence of Bogota’s streets in a mysterious yet evocative manner. Darkas and Zavo’s joint creation seems to resonate with the pulse of the city, capturing its vibrancy, diversity, and underlying stories.

Creative Synergy on Bogota’s Canvases

Utilizing Bogota’s walls as their canvases, Darkas and Zavo’s “La Calle” likely embodies a fusion of their distinct artistic styles. Through this collaboration, the duo might have woven together a tapestry of cultural references, societal messages, and visual storytelling.


“La Calle” stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of street art, showcasing the fusion of creative energies by Darkas and Zavo. Though specific details about the mural’s thematic elements remain unknown, its presence in the bustling streets of Bogota adds a layer of color, intrigue, and cultural significance to the urban landscape.

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