El Equipo Plástico’s “Combis” Mural: Capturing Peruvian Transport Culture

la cuadrada combis mural el equipo plastico

The Mural Masterpiece

In 2009, the renowned Peruvian street art collective known as El Equipo Plástico created the “LA CUADRADA – ‘Combis’ Mural,” an artwork that encapsulates the essence of Peru’s transportation culture. The mural, housed within the MORBO collective’s environment, resonates with the vibrant and diverse urban landscape of Peru.

Communal Means of Transport

The mural specifically highlights the ubiquitous presence of “combis” in Peru’s transportation network. Amidst the bustling streets, these “combis,” or collective minivans, stand as one of the most popular modes of transport. While taxis and motorcycle-taxis dominate the central districts, the “combis” weave through other areas, symbolizing the pulse of the city’s movement and energy.

El Equipo Plástico’s Artistic Vision

El Equipo Plástico’s creation serves as a celebration and reflection of Peruvian urban life. The collective, known for its immersive and socially engaged street art, utilizes this mural to highlight an integral aspect of daily life—the eclectic and vibrant array of transportation choices that define the country’s cultural landscape.

Commemorating Local Life

Through their mural work, El Equipo Plástico captures the essence of community life, emphasizing the cultural significance of the “combis” as more than just a mode of transport. These vehicles symbolize shared experiences, bustling commutes, and the interconnectivity of people within the bustling urban fabric of Peru.

Conclusion: Art Reflecting Culture

El Equipo Plástico’s “Combis” Mural stands as a testament to the collective’s ability to encapsulate the spirit of Peru’s transportation culture through street art. The mural, within the MORBO collective’s space, not only celebrates the vibrancy of Peruvian urban life but also immortalizes an integral element of the country’s cultural identity through the lens of street art.

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