Mabel Vicentef’s Sublimación: A Transformative Mural at Hospital Houssay

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Exploring Mabel Vicentef’s Vision

  • Title: Sublimación
  • Creator: Mabel Vicentef
  • Creator Nationality: Argentina
  • Creator Gender: Femenino
  • Date Created: 2015
  • Location Created: Pres. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1757, Florida, Provincia de Buenos Aires
  • Location (Longitude): -58.521367
  • Location (Latitude): -34.499246
  • Type: Pintura Esmalte sintético al agua sobre mural del Hospital Houssay

Unveiling the Artistry of Mabel Vicentef

A Healing Canvas

Mabel Vicentef, an Argentine artist, left an indelible mark on the walls of Hospital Houssay with her mural titled “Sublimación.” The artwork, created in 2015, goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a therapeutic expression aiming to unlock positive emotions in the face of health challenges.

Mariposas: Symbols of Transformation

Metaphor of Change

At the heart of “Sublimación” lies the symbolism of butterflies — mariposas in Spanish. Vicentef’s vision interprets butterflies as agents of transformation and change. The mural encourages viewers to navigate health challenges positively, embracing the process as a journey towards metamorphosis.

A Delicate Approach to Healing

Tapping into the Subtle Realms

Vicentef’s artistic philosophy delves into the subtle realms of the psyche and the unconscious. Recognizing that healing extends beyond the physical, “Sublimación” explores the delicate aspects of the human experience, aiming to initiate a process of positive change.

The Title: Sublimación

From One State to Another

The title “Sublimación” encapsulates the essence of the mural — the transformation from one state to another. Vicentef believes in the power of subtle shifts in consciousness, emphasizing the role of the psyche in the healing process.

Location: Pres. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1757, Florida

A Mural at the Heart of Vicente López

The mural graces the walls of Pres. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1757, Florida, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Positioned in a hospital setting, “Sublimación” becomes a visual therapy, contributing to the healing environment of the space.

Water-Based Synthetic Enamel Painting

Artistic Medium

Vicentef’s mural is crafted using pintura esmalte sintético al agua, a water-based synthetic enamel. This choice of medium aligns with the artist’s vision, merging artistic expression with an environmentally friendly approach.

Mabel Vicentef: Argentine Visionary

Feminine Artistry

As a female artist hailing from Argentina, Mabel Vicentef brings a unique feminine perspective to her artistry. “Sublimación” stands as a testament to her ability to infuse healing elements into her creations.

Latitude and Longitude: Mapping Artistic Coordinates

A Precise Artistic Point

The mural’s geographical coordinates, located at -58.521367 (longitude) and -34.499246 (latitude), not only pinpoint its physical presence but also symbolize the precise intersection of art and healing.

Sublimación: Beyond a Mural

A Legacy of Transformation

“Sublimación” by Mabel Vicentef is more than a mural; it’s a legacy of transformation. Beyond its creation in 2015, the artwork continues to impact the lives of those who encounter it, fostering positivity and change in the face of health challenges.

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