Exploring “La Strada”: A Collaboration by James Kalinda + Centin Centina

la strada

Unveiling Turin’s Urban Canvas

“Title: La Strada”

In the heart of Turin, Italy, a unique mural graces the cityscape – “La Strada.” Crafted collaboratively by James Kalinda and Centin Centina, this street art masterpiece is more than paint on a wall; it’s a vibrant expression of creativity within the urban landscape.

The Artistic Architects

“Creator Lifespan: 1982”
“Creator Nationality: Italian”
“Creator Gender: Male”

The visionaries behind “La Strada” belong to the same artistic lineage, both hailing from Italy. Born in 1982, the creator’s lifespan provides a temporal anchor to their artistic journey, while their Italian nationality adds a cultural resonance to the mural.

Temporal Brushstrokes

“Date: 2012 – 2012”

“La Strada” emerged onto the Turin scene during the temporal window of 2012. Within this timeframe, the mural encapsulates a moment in the city’s narrative, capturing the essence of the street art movement that thrives on evolution and impermanence.

Turin’s Canvas: Parco Michelotti

“Location Created: Parco Michelotti – Turin, Italy”

The chosen canvas for this masterpiece is Parco Michelotti, an open-air gallery within Turin’s urban expanse. The mural becomes an integral part of the park, blurring the lines between nature and artistic expression.

Collaborative Symphony: James Kalinda + Centin Centina

“Street Artist: James Kalinda + Centin Centina”
“Culture: Street Art”

“La Strada” is a testament to the power of collaboration. James Kalinda and Centin Centina, both immersed in the culture of street art, join forces to create a visual symphony that resonates with the ethos of Turin’s urban landscape.

Provenance and Shared Legacy

“Provenance: Pasquale Colaci, 2012”

The mural finds its artistic lineage and origin under the provenance of Pasquale Colaci in 2012. This shared legacy connects “La Strada” to a broader narrative of artistic exploration and community engagement.

Medium: Paint on Wall

The medium used for this mural is as essential as the imagery itself. “La Strada” comes to life through the application of paint on the wall, a tangible and dynamic medium that transforms an ordinary surface into a vibrant work of art.

Creative Commons: Bridging Art and Accessibility

“Rights: Creative Commons”

“La Strada” embraces the ethos of accessibility and sharing, as it is released under Creative Commons licensing. This commitment to open access aligns with the street art movement’s democratic spirit, inviting everyone to engage with and interpret the mural.

SAM as I Am: External Link

“External Link: SAM as I Am”

For those curious to delve deeper into Turin’s street art scene and explore the diverse works within the city, the external link “SAM as I Am” provides a virtual portal to further discovery.

As “La Strada” graces Parco Michelotti, it invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of art and urbanity, adding vibrant strokes to Turin’s ever-evolving cultural canvas.

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