L’Euphorie des Sages: A Mural by Carlito Dalceggio

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Creator: Carlito Dalceggio

  • Date Created: 2008-08-01/2008-08-01
  • Location: 3601 De Bullion St, Montreal, Canada

About the Creator

Carlito Dalceggio, a Canadian male artist, crafted the mesmerizing mural titled “L’Euphorie des Sages.” Known for his vibrant and expressive artworks, Dalceggio has contributed significantly to the artistic landscape, leaving an impression of cultural significance within Montreal and beyond.

The Artwork: L’Euphorie des Sages

This 1200 square feet mural stands as an ode to street artists, affectionately referred to by the artist as “the wise ones.” Dalceggio’s mural pays homage to these artists, heralding a shift in energy and a transformative new era symbolized by the approaching date of 2012, paralleling the Mayan calendar’s predictions.

The mural vividly captures the essence of joy and ecstasy that the neighborhood’s “wise ones” will experience, particularly around Prince-Arthur Street and St-Louis Square. It replaces a graffiti-covered wall that previously housed a renowned mural by Jacques Sabourin dating back to 1977.

Location and Provenance

Situated at 3601 De Bullion St in Montreal, Canada, this mural adorns the urban landscape, drawing attention to its vivid colors and compelling imagery. The mural’s preservation and origin are credited to ┬ęSt├ęphane Cocke, allowing for its continued appreciation and acknowledgment as an integral part of Montreal’s street art scene.

Medium and External Link

The mural “L’Euphorie des Sages” was crafted using paint and latex, infusing the artwork with depth and longevity. For more details about this remarkable piece, visit the external link.

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