Dolk’s “Grenade Lovers”: A Stencil Masterpiece in Stavanger

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Title: Grenade Lovers
Creator: Dolk
Date Created: September 2006
Location Created: Øvre Holmegate 26, 4006 Stavanger
Type: Painting
Rights: ©Nuart Festival
Medium: Spray paint
Art Genre: Figurative
Art Movement: Street Art
Art Form: Stencil
Support: Wall
Depicted Location: Fargegata

Dolk: The Stencil Virtuoso

Norwegian Roots

Dolk, born in 1979, is a prominent Norwegian street artist celebrated for his mastery of stencil art. His journey into the world of street art began after studying graphic design in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the works of Banksy, Dolk adopted stencils as his preferred medium. Based in Bergen, Norway, Dolk’s influence extends globally, making him the most well-known Norwegian street artist.

“Grenade Lovers”: A Pinnacle of Dolk’s Artistry

Date and Location

In September 2006, Dolk graced the streets of Stavanger, Norway, with “Grenade Lovers,” a stencil masterpiece that has become one of his most notable compositions. The mural is located at Øvre Holmegate 26, 4006 Stavanger, and captures the essence of Dolk’s unique approach to street art.

Rights and Festival Recognition

The mural, proudly associated with the Nuart Festival, holds the copyright under ©Nuart Festival, emphasizing its significance within the global street art community. Nuart Festival, dedicated to promoting street art and fostering a platform for artists, recognizes “Grenade Lovers” as a testament to Dolk’s creative prowess.

The Medium and Technique

Spray Paint Stencil

Dolk’s chosen medium for “Grenade Lovers” is spray paint, and his preferred technique is stencil art. This meticulous approach allows Dolk to create detailed and impactful compositions, combining intricate imagery with the raw energy of street art.

Figurative Expression in Street Art

Art Genre: Figurative

Art Movement: Street Art

Art Form: Stencil

“Grenade Lovers” falls within the figurative art genre, a characteristic style often associated with Dolk’s work. The mural, embodying the spirit of street art, contributes to the larger movement that seeks to redefine art’s accessibility and engagement with public spaces.

The Iconic Composition

Visual Description

“Grenade Lovers” features a couple in an intimate embrace, their heads replaced by hand grenades. This striking visual juxtaposition speaks to Dolk’s ability to convey complex narratives through seemingly simple yet powerful imagery. The mural invites viewers to contemplate the fusion of love and conflict, encapsulated in the juxtaposition of tender embrace and explosive symbols.

Fargegata: The Depicted Location

Location: Fargegata

The mural is situated in Fargegata, a vibrant and colorful street in Stavanger, Norway. Dolk’s choice of location adds another layer of context to the artwork, as it engages with the atmosphere and spirit of Fargegata’s dynamic urban landscape.


Dolk’s “Grenade Lovers” is more than a mural; it is a visual dialogue that transcends traditional boundaries. As spray-painted stencils grace the walls of Stavanger, Dolk’s artistry becomes a testament to the power of street art in provoking thought, inspiring conversations, and transforming public spaces into canvases that reflect the complexities of human experience.

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