Unveiling “Lost Walls” by El Seed: A Mural Journey

lost walls el seed

El Seed: The Artistic Journey

Born in 1981, El Seed, a male Tunisian artist, has made a significant mark on the global street art landscape. His innovative and unique approach to calligraffiti, a blend of calligraphy and graffiti, has garnered him international recognition. El Seed’s works often intertwine Arabic calligraphy with contemporary art, utilizing large-scale murals to convey messages of unity, peace, and social awareness.

The Creation of “Lost Walls”

“Lost Walls,” crafted in 2013, stands as a testament to El Seed’s artistic prowess. The mural was birthed in Chott El Jerid, Tunisia, showcasing the artist’s fusion of calligraphy and graffiti techniques. Its location coordinates, around 18.424055 longitude and -33.924869 latitude, represent the specific site where this unique mural came to life.

Provenance and Significance

Galerie Itinerrance has been instrumental in supporting El Seed’s endeavors, contributing to the cultural landscape by showcasing and nurturing street art from around the world. “Lost Walls” is part of the gallery’s legacy and commitment to promoting diverse and impactful street art creations.

Medium and Artistic Essence

The piece is created using the spray technique, which is integral to El Seed’s artistic expression. His calligraffiti art often bridges linguistic and cultural barriers, inviting viewers to engage with Arabic script in a new and compelling manner.

Conclusion: El Seed’s Legacy

“Lost Walls” embodies El Seed’s commitment to cultural dialogue and storytelling through art. It serves as a testament to his global influence, using vibrant murals as a means to communicate messages of hope, unity, and cultural appreciation in the realm of street art.

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