Low Bros: German Mural Virtuosos

low bros
  • Title: Low Bros
  • Creator Lifespan: 1984 – Present
  • Creator Nationality: German
  • Creator Gender: Male & Male
  • Date: 2013 – 2013
  • Location Created: Ratchathewi, Bangkok
  • Street Artist: Low Bros
  • Provenance: Gabriel Camelin
  • Type: Mural Painting
  • Rights: Gabriel Camelin
  • External Link: Flickr – Gabriel Camelin

Artistry Unveiled at Bukruk Festival 2013

Low Bros, a dynamic duo of German street artists, gained significant attention during the Bukruk International Street Art Festival in 2013 held in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. Their collaboration brought forth an exceptional mural that echoed their distinctive style and creative prowess.

Dynamic Creative Collaboration

Renowned for their vibrant and visually captivating murals, Low Bros, comprising two male artists, have successfully carved a niche in the realm of street art. Their collaboration is a fusion of unique perspectives, contributing to their compelling artistic identity.

Exploring Urban Landscapes

The mural created by Low Bros at Ratchathewi, Bangkok, stands as a testament to their skillful manipulation of geometric shapes, vibrant hues, and surrealist elements. Their art redefines urban landscapes, injecting whimsical narratives that captivate and engage audiences.

German Visionaries in Street Art

Originating from Germany, Low Bros have garnered acclaim for their seamless blend of pop culture, surrealism, and wildlife motifs in their murals. Their unique visual language creates a bridge between the urban environment and the natural world.

Artistic Expression and Collaboration

The mural produced during the Bukruk Festival not only showcased the artistic finesse of Low Bros but also highlighted the collaborative nature of street art, where diverse influences and individual styles merge to create a larger-than-life canvas.

Rights and Recognition

Gabriel Camelin, credited with the provenance and rights of the mural, provides a platform for the visibility and appreciation of Low Bros’ work, amplifying their significance in the street art community.

External References

For further insights into Low Bros’ compelling artistry at Bukruk Festival 2013, refer to the Flickr gallery by Gabriel Camelin. The photographs encapsulate the essence of their Bangkok mural and depict the immersive experience their artwork brings to the public domain.

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