COAS: Harmony in Graffiti – “Cerrado por Malagueña”

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Title: COAS, “Cerrado por Malagueña”

Creator: COAS

Date Created: 2013-10

Location Created: Vendeja Street, Málaga

Graffiti as a Language: COAS Unveils “Cerrado por Malagueña”

A Muralist’s Expression

In the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain, the streets themselves become canvases for artistic expression. COAS, a notable street artist, contributed a masterpiece to the urban landscape, titled “Cerrado por Malagueña.” This graffiti, realized on a shutter, is not merely a visual spectacle but a testament to the thriving street art culture in Malaga.

Date: 2013-10

The creation of “Cerrado por Malagueña” unfolded in October 2013, adding a vivid stroke to the city’s dynamic cultural tapestry. The chosen location for this street art revelation was Vendeja Street, where COAS’s creativity flourished, capturing the essence of the local spirit.

Location: Vendeja Street, Málaga

The coordinates of Vendeja Street, Málaga, echo with the echoes of COAS’s artistic dialogue with the city. It’s not just a physical location; it’s a meeting point where the artist and the urban environment engage in a visual conversation.

MAUS: Fostering Artistic Freedom

Part of the MAUS program, “Cerrado por Malagueña” emerges as a collaborative venture, a curated initiative to provide a platform for artists to express their most original ideas freely. These open spaces serve as meeting points, allowing diverse participants to contribute their unique perspectives to the city’s artistic narrative.

A Tapestry of Expression

The murals born out of COAS’s hands are part of a larger artistic ensemble. Within this urban gallery, diverse themes and techniques coexist harmoniously. The collection not only showcases COAS’s brilliance but also becomes a collective celebration of artistic diversity, featuring works by local, national, and international artists.

Graffiti, More than Vandalism: Urban Art’s Evolution

“Cerrado por Malagueña” encapsulates the evolving perception of graffiti. No longer confined to the margins, it transforms urban spaces into galleries, challenging traditional notions of art. COAS’s contribution, with its Malagueña flair, encapsulates the spirit of freedom, vibrancy, and collaboration.

In the heart of Malaga, COAS’s “Cerrado por Malagueña” paints a vivid narrative on the canvas of Vendeja Street. It stands not just as street art but as a living testament to the city’s embrace of diverse artistic voices.

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