Ned’s “Medaillon Vélo”: Parisian Artistry on Display

Ned’s “Medaillon Vélo”: Parisian Artistry on Display
Ned’s “Medaillon Vélo”: Parisian Artistry on Display

Ned’s “Medaillon Vélo”: Parisian Artistry on Display

In 2009, the French artist known as Ned, affiliated with the renowned collective 9eme Concept, contributed significantly to Paris’s urban art landscape with the creation of “Medaillon Vélo.” This painting, showcasing Ned’s artistic flair, added vibrancy to the streets of Paris, France, and became a notable feature within the city’s artistic tapestry.

Ned: The Artist Behind “Medaillon Vélo”

Born in 1971, Ned, a French male artist, remains somewhat enigmatic in terms of personal details. However, his creative prowess is evident through his contributions to the 9eme Concept collective and his individual works, like “Medaillon Vélo.”

“Medaillon Vélo”: Unveiling Ned’s Artistic Expression

While specific details about the artwork’s content or thematic elements are not provided, “Medaillon Vélo” is recognized as a painting, showcasing Ned’s skillful brushwork and artistic vision. Its creation in 2009 adds to the diverse range of artistry within Paris’s urban landscape.

Ned’s Affiliation with 9eme Concept

Ned’s association with the esteemed collective 9eme Concept emphasizes his role within a community of artists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. The collective’s collaborative efforts often result in impactful creations that contribute significantly to the city’s street art scene.

Peinture by Ned: A Testament to Artistic Diversity

As a peintre or painter, Ned’s contribution through “Medaillon Vélo” is a testament to the diversity of artistic forms found within street art. His painting, though lacking specific details, represents a visual narrative that engages with the public in the bustling streets of Paris.


Ned’s “Medaillon Vélo,” while veiled in some mystery regarding its specific content, remains a significant addition to Paris’s urban art scene. Ned’s affiliation with 9eme Concept and his contributions as a painter underscore the collective’s dedication to shaping the city’s artistic landscape, showcasing diverse artistic expressions that captivate and enrich the cultural fabric of Paris.

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