Michel: A Portrait Unveiled by ATMA in the Streets of Barcelona


Capturing Essence: Michel in the Streets

  • Title: Michel
  • Date: 2012-09
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Creator: ATMA
  • Subject: Michel Theraud
  • Website: Seres Queridos

A Glimpse into Michel’s Portrait: Barcelona’s Urban Canvas

In the tapestry of Barcelona’s streets, a compelling portrait emerged in September 2012, a creation that transcended the conventional boundaries of art. The subject of this visual narrative was Michel Theraud, and the maestro behind the brush was none other than ATMA, a skilled street artist whose work breathes life into urban landscapes.

Michel Theraud: A Captivating Persona

Michel Theraud, the protagonist of this street art masterpiece, is more than a face on a wall. His persona, intricately captured by ATMA, serves as a testament to the ability of street art to encapsulate the essence of an individual. Through the strokes of ATMA’s brush, Michel’s spirit reverberates across the streets of Barcelona.

ATMA: Crafting Portraits on Urban Canvases

ATMA, the visionary behind the brush, has carved a niche in the world of street art with a distinctive ability to paint more than just images. His creations are narratives, visual stories that unfold on the gritty surfaces of urban structures. Michel’s portrait stands as a testament to ATMA’s mastery, a fusion of talent and an intimate connection with his subjects.

Seres Queridos: Unveiling Humanity Through Art

The portrait of Michel finds its virtual home on the Seres Queridos website, a platform that transcends the physicality of street art. Here, the audience can delve into the details of the artwork, explore its nuances, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the inspiration that led ATMA to paint Michel on the vibrant streets of Barcelona.

Details etched in Time: September 2012

The creation of Michel’s portrait is etched in the annals of September 2012, a moment frozen in time where art and humanity converged in the heart of Barcelona. The streets, once silent witnesses, became the stage for this visual dialogue between artist and subject.


Michel’s portrait by ATMA is more than an ephemeral creation on the walls of Barcelona. It is a testament to the power of street art to transcend the ordinary and capture the essence of individuals. ATMA’s brush becomes a conduit, transforming concrete canvases into portals that connect the viewer with the humanity embedded in the artwork. In the urban jungle of Barcelona, Michel’s gaze, immortalized by ATMA, invites us to contemplate the profound beauty that emerges when art meets the streets.

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