Momo: The Artistry of Everyday Life

momo manuel obadia wills
  • Title: Momo
  • Creator: Manuel Obadia Wills
  • Date: 2012-08/2012-08
  • External Link: – Hall 2
  • Type: Photographie, Photography

Manuel Obadia Wills: The Artist Behind Momo

Manuel Obadia Wills, known for his depiction of the ordinary in extraordinary ways, captured the essence of Momo, a significant figure in the streets of Paris. Through his lens, Wills portrays the compelling story of Momo, revealing the beauty in the everyday life of this Algerian-born grocer living in Paris.

A Glimpse into Momo’s World

Momo, also known as Mr. Mouloud, plays a central role as a grocer at Les Vergers Primeurs on rue des Prouvaires in Paris. Born in Algeria, Mouloud found contentment in Paris, having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Human Sciences. His journey led him through diverse cultural associations and various city halls before finding his place at Les Vergers Primeurs, where he’s devotedly served for six years.

The Essence of Everyday Work

Momo emphasizes that there are no inferior occupations, showcasing his ambition and steadfast dedication to his principles. His work as a grocer not only reflects his academic background but also enables him to connect with numerous individuals within the neighborhood. The proximity of his work resonates with what he studied, fostering meaningful encounters with diverse people, whom he holds in high regard.

The Heartwarming Nature of Momo

Warmly greeted by everyone passing by the grocery store, Momo reciprocates with his infectious smile, displaying a genuine affection for the people he meets. His interaction with the community not only underscores the significance of his role but also portrays the depth of human connection amidst the bustling streets of Paris.


Manuel Obadia Wills’ photography masterfully captures the essence of Momo, revealing the profound beauty of everyday life and emphasizing the importance of human connections within our communities. Through his lens, Wills encapsulates the significance of individuals like Momo, celebrating their contributions to the tapestry of city life.

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