Fintan Magee’s “Monument to a Disappearing Monument”: A Mural of Socioeconomic Resonance

monument to a disappearing monument fintan magee


Explore the poignant narrative woven by Australian artist Fintan Magee in his mural, “Monument to a Disappearing Monument.” Created in September 2016 as part of the Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, this mural serves as a visual testament to the challenges faced by the local working class amidst the global oil crisis.

The Artist: Fintan Magee

  • Title: Monument to a Disappearing Monument
  • Creator: Fintan Magee
  • Date Created: September 2016
  • Location Created: Breivikveien 31, Stavanger

Context: Stavanger’s Economic Struggle

Against the backdrop of Stavanger, a city heavily reliant on the oil industry, Fintan Magee’s mural takes on profound significance. The year 2016 saw a sharp decline in global oil prices, impacting the local economy and, in particular, the working class. Magee’s work becomes a poignant commentary on the unfolding crisis.

The Mural’s Scale and Site-Specificity

“Monument to a Disappearing Monument” is not just a mural; it is one of the largest in Stavanger, spanning two 32-meter silos in the soon-to-be-demolished industrial district. The scale and site-specific nature of the artwork amplify its impact, creating a visual dialogue with the urban landscape.

Magee’s Creative Process

In a literal translation of the economic discussion, Fintan Magee photographed a local oil worker and transformed the image into a diptych. One half features a vivid portrait, while the other presents a fading reflection of the original. This visual representation underscores the precarious economic future faced by the working class.

Solidarity in Art

Magee’s piece goes beyond aesthetics; it symbolizes solidarity with the local community. By addressing the economic challenges faced by the working class, the artist elevates his mural to a powerful statement on the social and economic fabric of Stavanger.

Rights and Medium

The rights to “Monument to a Disappearing Monument” are attributed to the Nuart Festival and Brian Tallman Photography. The medium employed by Magee is paint, a traditional yet impactful tool in the realm of street art.

Artistic Genre and Movement

“Monument to a Disappearing Monument” falls under the genre of portrait art, highlighting Magee’s skill in capturing the human experience. As part of the street art movement, Magee’s work transcends gallery walls, engaging with the public in a dynamic and thought-provoking manner.


Fintan Magee’s “Monument to a Disappearing Monument” is more than a mural; it’s a reflection of societal challenges, an ode to the resilience of the working class, and a conversation starter on the walls of Stavanger. As it graces the silos in the industrial district, Magee’s mural becomes a symbol of art’s power to mirror, question, and resonate with the heartbeat of a community.

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