Mt. Baldy Diptych: A Fusion of Nature and Art

Mt. Baldy Diptych: A Fusion of Nature and Art
Mt. Baldy Diptych: A Fusion of Nature and Art


  • Title: Mt. Baldy Diptych
  • Creator: Ian Robertson-Salt
  • Date Created: 2013
  • Physical Location: One Mt Baldy Rd., Mt Baldy, CA, 91759
  • Location Created: One Mt Baldy Rd., Mt Baldy, CA, 91759

Exploring Ian Robertson-Salt’s Artistry

The Fusion of Wildlife and Art

The renowned artist Ian Robertson-Salt graced the expanse of Mount Baldy in California with his mesmerizing diptych mural in 2013. The diptych features two striking panels, each encapsulating the essence of Californian wildlife.

Red-Tailed Hawk and Grizzly Bear: An Artistic Encounter

The left panel showcases a magnificent red-tailed hawk, meticulously painted to capture the grace and majesty of this iconic bird of prey. On the right, an equally impressive portrayal of a grizzly bear emerges, conveying the strength and raw power characteristic of this majestic animal.

A Reverence for Nature’s Beauty

Ian Robertson-Salt’s diptych serves as a homage to the rich wildlife and natural splendor of Mount Baldy. His artistry skillfully merges the beauty of wildlife with the canvas of nature, enhancing the area with an artistic interpretation that pays tribute to the wildlife that inhabits this region.

Preserving the Mural Heritage

Commissioned under The Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, this diptych stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of art and nature, symbolizing the preservation of mural heritage and fostering an appreciation for the wild beauty surrounding Mount Baldy.


The Mt. Baldy Diptych by Ian Robertson-Salt stands as a captivating testament to the artist’s ability to blend the natural world with artistic expression. Through meticulous brushwork and profound dedication, Robertson-Salt’s mural has contributed a breathtaking artistic legacy to the scenic beauty of Mount Baldy, showcasing the intrinsic connection between art, wildlife, and the environment.

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