“Mural by 2Rise” – Artistry in the Streets of London

mural by 2rise 2rise

Title: Mural by 2Rise

Creator: 2Rise

Date: 2012/2014

Location: East London – Brick Lane Area

Provenance: Photo by Lee Bofkin on behalf of Global Street Art

Type: Mural

External Link: Global Street Art

Discovering 2Rise: The Enigmatic Street Artist

  • Artistic Alias: Known by the moniker 2Rise, the creator behind this captivating mural remains an enigmatic figure in the world of street art.
  • Timeless Legacy: The lifespan of 2Rise, much like the artist themselves, is shrouded in mystery, leaving behind a legacy marked by urban creativity.

A Canvas in East London: Brick Lane Area

  • Temporal Brushstrokes: The mural, born between 2012 and 2014, adorns the vibrant streets of East London, specifically within the eclectic Brick Lane Area.
  • Global Street Art Foundation: This outdoor masterpiece is a contribution to the rich tapestry of street art curated by the Global Street Art Foundation.

2Rise’s Visual Language: A Mural Unveiled

  • Gender Undefined: The gender of 2Rise, like their lifespan, remains undefined, letting the art speak louder than the personal details.
  • Creative Spectrum: The mural reflects the spectrum of 2Rise’s artistic expression, offering a visual language that transcends conventional boundaries.

Captured in Time: Photo by Lee Bofkin

  • Photographic Documentation: Lee Bofkin, on behalf of Global Street Art, immortalizes 2Rise’s creation through a captivating photograph.
  • Preserving the Moment: This photo not only captures the essence of the mural but also freezes a moment in the evolution of East London’s urban art scene.

Global Street Art Hub: www.globalstreetart.com

  • Online Showcase: For those unable to traverse the streets of East London, the mural finds a virtual home on Global Street Art’s website.
  • Digital Exploration: The website offers a digital sanctuary for art enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the diverse range of murals, including the elusive strokes of 2Rise.

Conclusion: 2Rise’s Silent Expression

“Mural by 2Rise” stands as a testament to the silent yet powerful expression of an artist navigating the urban landscape. With an unknown lifespan and gender, 2Rise’s mural invites interpretation, becoming a part of the dynamic dialogue between the artist and the city of London.

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