Collective Street Art Collaboration: Aeon and Collaborators’ Mural in London

mural by aeon tizer base 23 reka run dscreet aeon

Aeon, an artist with an unknown lifespan and predominantly identified as male, was part of a collaborative mural project in London between 2012 and 2014. This mural involved a collective effort alongside fellow artists Tizer, Base 23, Reka, and Run Dscreet, contributing to the rich tapestry of street art in the East London Brick Lane Area.

The Collaborative Creation

Aeon, alongside Tizer, Base 23, Reka, and Run Dscreet, combined their creative prowess to craft a mural that remains a testament to their collective talents within the street art realm. This joint effort aimed to infuse the urban landscape with vibrant and thought-provoking imagery.

Location: East London’s Street Canvas

Situated within the bustling streets of East London, this collaborative mural became an integral part of the area’s artistic expression. The artists utilized the city’s walls as their canvas, transforming neglected spaces into vibrant hubs of creativity.

Provenance and Artistic Contribution

Attributed to Aeon, the mural’s provenance was captured in a photo by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation. This collaborative endeavor exemplifies the artists’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of street art and contributing to London’s dynamic art scene.

Conclusion: Collective Creativity on Display

The collective effort of Aeon, Tizer, Base 23, Reka, and Run Dscreet culminated in a mural that speaks to the collaborative spirit of street art. Their combined artistic expression, etched onto the walls of East London, echoes their dedication to transforming public spaces into captivating visual narratives, leaving an enduring mark on the city’s urban landscape.

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