Unveiling Urban Expressions: After Lives & Nathan Bowen’s Street Art in London

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Title: Mural by After Lives / Nathan Bowen (UK)

  • Creators: After Lives, Nathan Bowen
  • Date: 2011
  • Location: East London Oct 2011, London, UK

Diverse Artistry: After Lives and Nathan Bowen’s Collaborative Endeavors

The collaborative mural by After Lives and Nathan Bowen in London showcased an eclectic fusion of artistic expressions. The work, a testament to their joint creativity, captured the essence of urban artistry in the heart of East London.

Technique and Surface: Exploring Artistic Boundaries

Employing a distinctive technique that involved a blend of pen, chipping, tiles, and sculptural elements, the artists adorned a flat surface, creating a vivid tapestry of art. The mural, presented on public space, incorporated a mix of techniques that included stickers, adding depth and vibrancy to the artwork.

Location and Context

The mural, which came to life in October 2011, emerged within the dynamic cultural landscape of East London. The unconventional approach to street art by After Lives and Nathan Bowen transformed an urban space into a canvas for expression, inviting passersby to engage with their creative narrative.

Photography by Lee Bofkin

Capturing the essence of After Lives and Nathan Bowen’s collaboration, Lee Bofkin’s photography encapsulated the vitality and intricate details woven into the mural. The visual documentation allowed viewers to appreciate the nuances and craftsmanship embedded within the artwork.

Legacy and Artistic Impact

The mural by After Lives and Nathan Bowen stood as a testament to their artistic synergy and imaginative prowess. Its legacy persists as a notable addition to London’s street art scene, contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of East London.

Note: The article encapsulates the collaborative mural crafted by After Lives and Nathan Bowen in East London in 2011. The artwork’s unconventional technique and captivating surface, captured by Lee Bofkin’s photography, highlight the creative essence of the street artists in the urban landscape.

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