The Street Artist: Hin (UK)

mural by hin uk hin uk

Hin’s Mural in East London

In 2011, the artist known as Hin left their artistic imprint in East London, United Kingdom, through a mural showcased under the Global Street Art Foundation. The mural was executed using a technique involving posters or boards, utilizing flat surfaces, including stickers, as part of the artistic endeavor.

Location and Technique

Hin’s mural was prominently displayed in East London in October 2011, contributing to the urban art landscape of the city. The artist employed a technique that involved utilizing posters or boards, sticking them onto flat surfaces, which likely included stickers, showcasing a dynamic use of space for public viewing.

Global Street Art Foundation’s Involvement

The mural’s association with the Global Street Art Foundation denotes Hin’s participation in a project aligned with the Foundation’s initiatives. While the mural’s creation in a public space suggests an absence of official commission, its presence under the Foundation’s umbrella highlights its involvement in promoting street art within London.

Photographer’s Contribution

The photography of Hin’s mural was credited to Lee Bofkin, capturing and preserving the essence of the artwork. Bofkin’s documentation plays a crucial role in archiving and sharing Hin’s street art contribution within the realm of urban artistry.


Hin’s mural in East London, as part of the Global Street Art Foundation’s collection, showcases the artist’s creative expression and engagement within the city’s street art scene. Utilizing poster and board techniques on public surfaces, likely including stickers, Hin’s artwork contributed to the vibrant tapestry of London’s urban art landscape in 2011, capturing the essence of street art culture within the bustling streets of East London.

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