Hunto: Infusing Streets with Vibrancy and Intrigue

mural by hunto hunto

The Enigmatic Artistic Presence

Hunto, an elusive figure in London’s street art scene, contributed significantly to the city’s visual tapestry. Despite the artist’s elusive nature, Hunto’s murals are emblematic of creativity and allure.

Dates in Graffiti: 2012 to 2014

Between 2012 and 2014, Hunto graced the East London area, particularly the Brick Lane vicinity, with a series of captivating murals. Each mural told a unique story, showcasing Hunto’s distinctive style and artistic flair.

A Blend of Mystery and Creativity

Hunto’s identity remains a mystery, but the vibrant colors, intricate designs, and bold strokes that define his murals resonate deeply within the viewer. The artist’s work often carries an air of intrigue, inviting passersby to pause and ponder over the vivid compositions.

Lee Bofkin’s Visual Chronicle

Photographer Lee Bofkin, representing the Global Street Art Foundation, documented Hunto’s murals, preserving the transient beauty of street art through stunning visual representations.

London’s Artistic Landscape Enhanced

Hunto’s murals have become integral components of East London’s urban landscape, contributing to the area’s reputation as a haven for street art enthusiasts and artists alike.


Hunto’s legacy lives on through the captivating murals that once adorned the streets of East London. Despite the artist’s anonymity, Hunto’s work continues to inspire and add vibrancy to the city’s artistic narrative.

External Link: Global Street Art Foundation

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