Invader’s Mural in East London, UK

mural by invader invader

Creator Profile

  • Artist: Invader

The Mural Creation

In 2011, the renowned street artist Invader contributed to the Global Street Art Foundation with a striking mural. This particular artwork became part of the artist’s iconic mosaic-style installations seen across various global cities.

Location in East London

Invader’s mural was strategically placed in East London in October 2011. The location was carefully chosen to maximize visibility and engagement within the community.

Technique and Surface

The mural by Invader employed an “Other Technique” that involved various methods such as pen work, chipping, tiling, mixing, and sculpture. The surface used for this creation featured corrugation, heavy slats, and deep brick, showcasing Invader’s adaptability to diverse surfaces.

Public Space and Photography

This artwork was positioned within a public space in East London, emphasizing Invader’s commitment to making art accessible to a broad audience. The photography of this mural was attributed to Lee Bofkin, capturing the essence and impact of Invader’s work.

Global Street Art Foundation’s Contribution

Invader’s mural was part of the Global Street Art Foundation’s larger initiative, contributing to the foundation’s mission of promoting and preserving street art worldwide. Such initiatives aim to highlight the cultural significance and artistic brilliance within the genre.


Invader’s mural in East London adds to the artist’s legacy of mosaic-style street art installations across the globe. Placed within a public space and captured by Lee Bofkin’s photography, this piece stands as a testament to Invader’s ability to adapt his artistic techniques to various surfaces while contributing to the vibrant street art scene in London, UK.

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