Lost Souls: Collaborative Murals Shaping London’s Streetscape

mural by lost souls inkfetish cheba lost souls

Artwork Information

  • Title: Mural by Lost Souls, Inkfetish, Cheba
  • Creator: Lost Souls
  • Date: 2012/2014
  • Location Created: Brick Lane, London
  • Provenance: Photo by Lee Bofkin on behalf of Global Street Art
  • Type: Mural
  • External Link: Global Street Art

Lost Souls, an enigmatic street artist whose lifespan and identity remain undisclosed, played a significant role in shaping London’s street art scene. The collaborative mural between Lost Souls, Inkfetish, and Cheba represents the fusion of distinct artistic styles converging to adorn Brick Lane in London.

Collaborative Street Artistry

The collaborative effort between Lost Souls, Inkfetish, and Cheba hints at the collaborative nature of street art, where artists merge their unique techniques and visions to create mesmerizing murals. The mural, potentially between 2012 and 2014, stands as a testament to this cooperative spirit within London’s street art community.

Mural’s Location: Brick Lane, London

Brick Lane, known for its vibrant street art scene, served as the canvas for Lost Souls’ artistic expression. This location, a hotspot for creative endeavors, allowed Lost Souls and collaborators to contribute to the artistic narrative of London’s urban landscape.

The Influence of Lost Souls

While the details regarding Lost Souls’ identity remain obscured, the impact of their murals on London’s streetscape is undeniable. Collaborative artworks like this mural demonstrate the artist’s ability to weave their style into a larger artistic conversation within the city.


Lost Souls, an elusive figure within the street art community, contributed significantly to London’s street art legacy through collaborative works like the mural on Brick Lane. Their collaboration with Inkfetish and Cheba showcases the essence of communal artistry and its enduring impact on London’s vibrant street art scene.

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