The Collaborative Mural in East London

mural by lucas uk mr penfold malarky sp w billy penfold etc lucas uk mr penfold malarky sp w billy penfold etc

Artist Ensemble: Lucas, Mr. Penfold, Malarky, Billy, etc.

A vibrant collaboration unfolded in East London in October 2011, spearheaded by a group of diverse street artists including Lucas from the UK, Mr. Penfold, Malarky from Spain, and Billy, among others. This collective effort was under the patronage of the Global Street Art Foundation.

The Mural Creation

The mural, envisioned and executed by this eclectic ensemble, showcased a blend of creative energies using freehand spray can techniques. Their artistic prowess graced surfaces such as corrugation, heavy slats, and deep brick, transforming the urban space into a canvas of eclectic expression.

Location and Space

Situated in East London, this mural project adorned a public space. The nature of the creation being likely commissioned indicated a collaborative endeavor that married the creative finesse of these artists with a sanctioned public space.

Photographer: Lee Bofkin

The documentation of this visually stimulating mural was credited to photographer Lee Bofkin, who captured the essence of the artwork, preserving the collaborative efforts of the artists within the urban landscape.


The collaborative mural by Lucas, Mr. Penfold, Malarky, Billy, and others represents the fusion of distinct artistic styles and individual expressions converging to adorn the streets of East London. This creation serves as a testament to the power of collective creativity and artistic synergy, breathing life into the public space and contributing to the rich tapestry of street art in London, UK.

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