Masai and Hunto’s Collaborative Mural in London

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Masai: An Enigmatic Street Artist

Masai, an enigmatic street artist, left a mark on London’s urban landscape through a collaborative mural with Hunto, brought to life between 2012 and 2014. Details about Masai’s personal information, lifespan, or specific background remain unknown, adding to the mystique surrounding the artist.

Collaborative Mural by Masai and Hunto

The collaborative mural created by Masai and Hunto took shape in London’s East End, particularly within the Brick Lane area. This artistic collaboration likely captured the essence of both artists’ unique styles, resulting in a mural that resonated within London’s vibrant street art scene.

Artistic Endeavors in London

Masai’s involvement in this mural project signifies a deeper engagement with London’s street art culture. The collaboration with Hunto brought forth a visual narrative that spoke to the diverse and expressive nature of urban art within the city.

Provenance and Type of Artwork

The mural’s provenance lies in a photograph taken by Lee Bofkin, representing the Global Street Art Foundation. Classified as a mural, this artistic endeavor stands as a testament to the creative fusion and exchange of ideas prevalent in London’s street art community.

Global Street Art and the External Link

Global Street Art, represented through the external link, played a role in documenting and sharing the mural, potentially contributing to the wider dissemination and appreciation of Masai and Hunto’s collaborative work.


Masai’s collaborative mural with Hunto in London represents an intersection of artistic visions within the city’s street art milieu. While details about Masai remain elusive, the collaborative effort captured within this mural speaks volumes about the dynamic and diverse nature of London’s urban art scene.

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