Unraveling the Collaborative Mural: Milo Tchais, HIGHRAFF, and PROZAK

mural by milo tchais uk highraff prozak braz milo tchais uk highraff prozak braz

The Collective Artistry

A mural featuring the combined talents of Milo Tchais from the UK, alongside HIGHRAFF and PROZAK from Brazil, emerged in the landscape of London in 2011. This collaboration under the banner of the Global Street Art Foundation brought together diverse artistic visions and techniques.

Merging Styles and Skills

Milo Tchais, known for his distinct style, possibly merged creative forces with HIGHRAFF and PROZAK, renowned artists hailing from Brazil. Their collective expertise in freehand spray can techniques and mastery over surfaces brought this collaborative mural to life in East London.

A Glimpse of Public Artistry

The mural likely adorned a public space, possibly commissioned to enrich the urban visual tapestry of London. Captured through the lens of photographer Lee Bofkin, this mural represents the fusion of cultures, techniques, and art forms from the UK and Brazil.

Embracing Public Spaces

The artists’ choice of a public space for their creation hints at their shared vision of making art accessible to all. Through this mural, they possibly aimed to captivate passersby, inviting them to appreciate the amalgamation of global artistic expressions.

Beyond Borders: Cultural Exchange

This collaboration showcases the transcendent nature of street art, traversing geographical boundaries and cultural differences. Milo Tchais, HIGHRAFF, and PROZAK, each with their unique backgrounds and influences, potentially brought forth a fusion of styles, creating a masterpiece that speaks a universal artistic language.


The collaborative mural by Milo Tchais, HIGHRAFF, and PROZAK stands as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration across continents. While specific details about the mural’s thematic elements remain undisclosed, the coming together of talents from the UK and Brazil undoubtedly enriched London’s urban landscape, leaving an imprint of cultural exchange and artistic synergy for onlookers to admire and contemplate.

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