Wasted Rita: Empowering the Streets with “Be the Beyonce You Wish to See in This World”

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Title: Be the Beyonce You Wish to See in This World

Creator: Wasted Rita

Lifespan: 1988 – 2014

Date: 2013

Physical Location: Rua das Murtas

Location Created: Rua das Murtas

Technique: Graffiti and Painting

Description: A set of faces floating on a blue wall accompanied by the phrase “Be the Beyonce you wish to see in this world.” These are the hardest powerful women, scatological, with angry attitudes. The podium “Top Women 2014,” visible on the right side, you are always in the top three.

Type: Graffiti and Painting

Rights: 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

Medium: Wall

Wasted Rita: The Voice of Street Empowerment

Wasted Rita, a formidable street artist, brought empowerment to the streets of Lisbon through her poignant work, “Be the Beyonce You Wish to See in This World.” Born in 1988 and leaving an indelible mark until 2014, Wasted Rita’s art transcends traditional boundaries, blending graffiti and painting into a powerful visual commentary.

The Mural’s Essence: Empowering Faces on Rua das Murtas

“Be the Beyonce You Wish to See in This World” is not just a mural; it’s a manifesto of strength and defiance. A collection of faces, representing powerful, eschatological women, floats on a blue wall in Rua das Murtas. The accompanying phrase challenges onlookers to embody the spirit of Beyonce, a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

Top Women 2014: A Symbolic Podium of Empowerment

The mural incorporates a symbolic podium, labeled “Top Women 2014,” positioned on the right side, consistently occupied by the top three. This subtle addition reinforces the message of empowerment, placing these women at the pinnacle of recognition and strength.

Rostos no Muro Azul Project: Redefining Street Art

Wasted Rita’s masterpiece is part of the larger project, “Rostos no Muro Azul” (Faces on the Blue Wall). This initiative not only transforms the physical landscape but also challenges societal norms, inviting contemplation on the role of women and empowerment in the urban environment.

Galeria de Arte Urbana: The Canvas of Expression

Situated in Lisbon, Portugal, this mural finds its home under the curation of Galeria de Arte Urbana. The city’s urban art gallery provides a platform for artists like Wasted Rita to amplify their voices, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of street art in Lisbon.

Legacy of Wasted Rita: A Creative Force Remembered

Wasted Rita’s artistic journey may have ended in 2014, but her legacy lives on through the streets she adorned with powerful messages. “Be the Beyonce You Wish to See in This World” stands as a testament to her ability to use art as a tool for societal reflection and change.

Image Source: © 2013 José Vicente | GAU | DPC | CML

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