Nazir Tanbouli: A Muralist’s Brushstrokes in the Public Realm

mural by nazir tanbouli uk nazir tanbouli uk
  • Title: Mural by Nazir Tanbouli (UK)
  • Creator: Nazir Tanbouli (UK)
  • Date: 2011
  • Location Created: East London Oct 2011, London, UK

Artist’s Profile

Nazir Tanbouli, a UK-based muralist, made his mark on the global street art scene with vibrant and expressive works. His background, inspirations, and the breadth of his oeuvre beyond this mural serve as testaments to his artistic vision.

The Mural: A Glimpse into Tanbouli’s Craft

Nazir Tanbouli’s mural in East London, executed in October 2011, showcased his prowess with brush and roller, utilizing acrylic paint to bring his vision to life. The specifics of the mural’s theme or size remain undisclosed, yet the choice of tools and medium indicates his adeptness with various techniques.

Medium and Technique: The Artistry Unfolds

Tanbouli’s choice of brush and roller combined with acrylic paints underlines his preference for more traditional tools in a street art context. The utilization of liquid paint and a flat enough surface, including the use of stickers, portrays his versatility in adapting to the urban canvas.

The Public Space: Commissioned Artistry

Located in a public space within East London, this mural stands as a testament to the intersections of street art and public engagement. Its presence within a likely commissioned space showcases the ongoing dialogue between street art, urban spaces, and community engagement.

Photographer: Lee Bofkin

The visual documentation of this mural was captured by Lee Bofkin, offering a glimpse into the artwork and preserving its essence for archival and shared appreciation within the street art community and beyond.

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