Odeith: The Illusionary Mural Maestro

mural by odeith odeith

Unveiling the Artistry of Odeith’s Illusionary Murals

Odeith, a master of illusionary murals, left an indelible mark on the East London – Brick Lane Area with his exceptional artwork between 2012 and 2014. His unique style and prowess in creating mind-bending 3D murals transformed the urban landscape, captivating audiences and redefining street art.

Details of the Mural

Titled simply as “Mural by Odeith,” this masterpiece epitomizes the brilliance of the anonymous artist. Though his lifespan and personal details remain unknown, Odeith’s gender is known to be male. Crafted between 2012 and 2014, this mural stands as a testament to his exceptional talent.

The Location: East London – Brick Lane Area

Situated in the vibrant, culturally rich streets of East London’s Brick Lane Area, Odeith’s mural found a perfect canvas. This locale, known for its eclectic mix of artistry and culture, provided the ideal backdrop for Odeith’s illusionary masterpiece to captivate passersby.

Provenance and Type

The photograph of this mesmerizing mural was captured by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, preserving Odeith’s remarkable creation for posterity. The mural itself stands as a testament to Odeith’s expertise in mural artistry, demonstrating his skillful command over the urban landscape.

External Link

The mural, being an exemplary piece of Odeith’s portfolio, is showcased on the Global Street Art website, providing enthusiasts and art lovers an opportunity to witness the artist’s ingenuity through digital means.


Odeith, despite his anonymity, has left an enduring mark on the East London – Brick Lane Area with his mind-bending and awe-inspiring murals. His ability to create illusions on flat surfaces through masterful use of perspective and shading has solidified his position as a luminary within the street art world.

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