Otto Schade’s Stencil Mural: Adding Artistic Flair to East London

mural by otto schade ger otto schade ger

Exploring the Stencil Technique by Otto Schade in 2011

In the vibrant streets of East London, a captivating stencil mural emerged in 2011, bearing the signature of the talented artist Otto Schade (Ger). This piece, titled “Mural by Otto Schade (Ger),” serves as a testament to Schade’s artistic ingenuity and creative contribution to London’s urban art scene.

The Creative Mind Behind the Mural

Otto Schade, known for his innovative stencil techniques, showcased his artistic prowess through this striking mural. While specific details about Schade’s background remain limited, his stenciled artworks have garnered attention and admiration within the street art community.

Deciphering the Stencil Technique

The mural by Otto Schade utilizes the stencil technique, a hallmark of his artistic repertoire. This method involves intricate precision and skill, enabling artists to create detailed and visually compelling artworks often characterized by crisp lines and intricate designs.

Location in East London

Created in East London in October 2011, the mural added a splash of artistic flair to the cityscape. However, specific details about the mural’s precise location or the space it occupies remain somewhat uncertain, as indicated in the provided details.

Schade’s Stencil Artistry

Schade’s expertise in stencil artistry allows him to transform flat surfaces, including stickers, into visually captivating artworks. The stencil technique permits him to create intricate layers and depth within his pieces, adding to their aesthetic appeal.

Photographer Lee Bofkin’s Contribution

The mural was captured for posterity by Lee Bofkin, the photographer credited with documenting this particular artwork by Otto Schade. Bofkin’s lens immortalized Schade’s creation, preserving it for art enthusiasts and admirers alike.

Schade’s Artistic Impact

While specific details about the mural’s theme or subject are not explicitly mentioned, Otto Schade’s stencil artworks are known for their thought-provoking themes and striking visual impact. His contributions continue to resonate within London’s vibrant street art culture.


Otto Schade’s stencil mural stands as an artistic testament to his skillful application of the stencil technique and his contribution to the colorful tapestry of East London’s street art. Despite uncertainties about its precise location, Schade’s stencil masterpiece adds depth and artistic allure to the urban landscape, inviting contemplation and appreciation from passersby.

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