Unveiling the Street Artistry of Psalm or Public Spirit (UK)

mural by psalm or public spirit uk psalm or public spirit uk

Title: Mural by Psalm or Public Spirit (UK)

Creator: Psalm or Public Spirit (UK)

Date: 2011

Location Created: East London Oct 2011, London, UK

The mysterious moniker “Psalm or Public Spirit (UK)” emerges as a cryptic figure in the realm of street art, particularly in the vibrant and dynamic city of London, United Kingdom. The enigmatic artwork created in East London in October 2011 stands as a testament to this elusive artist’s expression.

Creator’s Identity

Despite the creation of this compelling mural, concrete information regarding the identity, background, or artistic motives of Psalm or Public Spirit remains scant. The artist deliberately maintains anonymity, contributing to the air of intrigue surrounding their work.

The Mural

Executed through a technique involving posters or boards, this mural is part of the artist’s expression, exploring the public space of East London in October 2011. The creation process includes utilizing flat surfaces, possibly incorporating stickers to achieve the desired effect.

Photographer and Documentation

Lee Bofkin, acting as the photographer, documented this enigmatic piece of street art. The documentation captures the essence and transient nature of street artistry, offering a glimpse into a moment of urban expression.


Psalm or Public Spirit’s mural in East London stands as a testament to the cryptic and enigmatic nature of street art, where anonymity often shrouds the creators’ identities. This piece contributes to the rich tapestry of street art in London, symbolizing the transient, expressive, and often mysterious essence of the city’s urban landscape.

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