Ronzo: Unconventional Mural Techniques in East London

mural by ronzo uk ronzo uk

Ronzo: The Creative Mind

  • Name: Ronzo
  • Date of Artwork: 2011
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Technique: Other Technique (Pen/Chipping/Tiles/Mix/Sculpture)
  • Surface: Objects (Sculpt./Elec Boxes,etc)
  • Space: Uncertain (may incl. ‘c’)
  • Photographer: Lee Bofkin

Ronzo, a UK-based street artist, left an unconventional mark on East London in October 2011 through his unique mural techniques. His inventive approach to street art breaks boundaries, utilizing techniques beyond traditional painting to redefine urban landscapes.

Ronzo’s Mural in East London

The mural crafted by Ronzo in East London during October 2011 deviated from conventional street art techniques. Instead of employing typical painting methods, Ronzo embraced a diverse range of techniques, possibly incorporating chipping, sculpting, or using mixed materials, elevating his artistry beyond traditional mediums.

Unconventional Space and Surface

Ronzo’s innovation extended to the canvas itself, utilizing unconventional surfaces such as objects (e.g., sculpture, electrical boxes) rather than traditional wall spaces. This distinctive choice of surface provided an alternate perspective, possibly including diverse elements within the urban environment as part of his artistic expression.

Photographer: Lee Bofkin

The documentation of Ronzo’s unconventional mural techniques was captured by photographer Lee Bofkin, immortalizing the artist’s innovative approach within the urban landscape of East London.


Ronzo’s unconventional mural techniques, showcased in East London during October 2011, challenged traditional street art norms. Through his inventive use of different techniques and surfaces, Ronzo left a distinctive mark on the urban environment, contributing to the evolution of street art beyond conventional boundaries.

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