The Patchwork Tapestry: Quilt n.32 by Collective Work

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Title: Quilt n.32

Creator: Collective Work

Date Created: 20th Century

Location Created: AND’ Studio – Via Pietro Colletta n. 69 Milano

In the heart of Milano, Italy, a unique and evocative piece of street art emerges not on the traditional canvas or brick wall but on a canvas of a different kind. “Quilt n.32” by the Collective Work is a testament to the expressive power of street art, transcending conventional boundaries to weave a rich tapestry of abstract art.

The Collective Work Legacy

Creator: Collective Work

Date: 20th Century

The identity of the individuals comprising Collective Work remains shrouded in mystery, yet their legacy is imprinted on the patchwork quilt that is “Quilt n.32.” The 20th Century creation marks a moment in time when the collective spirit found expression in a unique art form.

Crafting Art on Fabric

Physical Dimensions: H 360, W 360 cm

Medium: Various

Art Genre: Abstract Art

Art Movement: Street Art

Art Form: Various

Support: Fabric

“Quilt n.32” defies conventional notions of street art by embracing fabric as its canvas. With a size of H 360 cm and W 360 cm, this patchwork masterpiece extends beyond the traditional boundaries of street art, seamlessly blending the abstract genre with the tactile richness of various textiles.

The Street Art Movement Unfolds

The quilted creation is a manifestation of the Street Art movement, a movement traditionally associated with murals and graffiti finding new life in the realm of textiles. As the fabric unfolds, so does the story of Milano’s vibrant street art culture.

A Blanket of Stories

Depicted Location: Image

Depicted Person: Various

The quilt comprises individual squares, each telling a unique story of its own. From Rosetta and Marta in 1994 to Claudio in 1996, the names stitched into the fabric represent not just individuals but a collective narrative of lives, experiences, and the enduring spirit of solidarity.

Conclusion in Every Stitch

“Quilt n.32” stands as a living testament to the boundless creativity of street art. The Collective Work, through stitches and fabric, invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of art, activism, and community. As the quilt drapes across time and space, it weaves a story that transcends the conventional boundaries of street art, creating a legacy that goes beyond the traditional canvas to embrace the warmth and richness of fabric.

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