Mural by Scie in East London

mural by scie scie


The mural created by the artist Scie stands as an emblematic piece within the Brick Lane Area of East London, United Kingdom. The artwork, attributed to Scie, is part of the collection curated by the Global Street Art Foundation.

The Artist

Scie, an artist of unknown lifespan and gender, remains an enigmatic figure within the realm of street art. Despite the limited information available, the impact of Scie’s work speaks volumes within the art community.

Artwork Details

Dated between 2012 and 2014, the mural crafted by Scie embodies the essence of street art culture in East London. Its location in the vibrant Brick Lane Area contributes to the piece’s significance within the city’s urban art landscape.

Provenance and Type

The photo capturing Scie’s mural was taken by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, adding to the credibility and provenance of this particular work of street art. The mural itself is classified as a striking example of this form of artistic expression.

External Link

The external link provided might offer further insights into Scie’s work and potentially more details about this specific mural within the broader collection of the Global Street Art Foundation.


Scie’s mural in East London’s Brick Lane Area serves as an iconic representation of the dynamic and evolving street art scene. Despite the artist’s anonymity, this piece stands as a testament to the vibrant creativity thriving within the heart of London’s urban landscape.

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