Mural by Sky High: A Collaborative Spectacle

mural by sky high ders tors jive piano sterling sky high

Discovering the Street Artistry of Sky High

Unveiling the Artistic Ensemble

Meet the Maestros Behind the Mural

  1. Sky High

    • Lifespan: Unknown
    • Gender: Male
  2. Ders

    • Lifespan: Not specified
  3. Tors

    • Lifespan: Not specified
  4. Jive

    • Lifespan: Not specified
  5. Piano

    • Lifespan: Not specified
  6. Sterling

    • Lifespan: Not specified

Chronicle of Creation: 2012-2014

East London’s Canvas: Brick Lane Area

Provenance: Global Street Art Foundation

Capturing the Essence: A Mural Masterpiece

Through the Lens: Lee Bofkin’s Perspective

Mural Type: A Larger-Than-Life Canvas

Exploring the Artistic Terrain

External Glimpse: Global Street Art’s Showcase

Conclusion: A Symphony of Urban Expression

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