Sky High: Enigmatic Muralist Leaving an Artistic Mark in London

mural by sky high sky high

Exploring the Enigma Behind Sky High’s Mural Art in East London

Sky High, an elusive muralist whose identity remains unknown, has left an artistic legacy in London, particularly in the vibrant Brick Lane area. The murals created between 2012 and 2014 serve as testaments to Sky High’s creativity and impact within the city’s street art landscape.

The Mural Collection: Unveiling Sky High’s Artistic Vision

The specifics of Sky High’s visual elements in the murals of East London’s Brick Lane area are not explicitly detailed, but the artwork resonates with the captivating essence of urban creativity. The enigmatic nature of Sky High’s persona adds to the allure surrounding his artistic creations.

Global Street Art Foundation and Provenance

The murals by Sky High were documented by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, preserving the visual legacy of these transient artworks. The collaboration with Global Street Art further underscores the significance of Sky High’s contributions to London’s street art scene.

Location: East London – Brick Lane Area

The bustling atmosphere of East London’s Brick Lane served as the canvas for Sky High’s murals. The area’s dynamic and diverse urban landscape provided a fitting backdrop for the artist’s creative expression, captivating passersby with its vivid visual narratives.

Legacy of Mystery and Artistic Impact

Sky High’s decision to remain anonymous adds an air of mystery to his creations, igniting curiosity and intrigue among art enthusiasts and passersby alike. The murals in East London continue to serve as enduring testaments to the artist’s profound impact on the local street art scene.


Though the details of Sky High’s life and identity remain shrouded in mystery, his artistic imprint in London’s East End is undeniable. The murals that emerged between 2012 and 2014 stand as enduring testaments to Sky High’s creativity, leaving an enigmatic yet impactful mark on the city’s vibrant street art culture.

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