25e Etage – Tour Pleyel: Elevating Parisian Street Art with 9eme Concept

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Title: 25e Etage – Tour Pleyel

The iconic skyline of Paris, France, becomes a canvas for artistic elevation through the creation titled “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel.” Crafted in 2014 under the visionary umbrella of 9eme Concept, this fresco (peinture) stands as a testament to the collaborative genius of the artistic collective and their commitment to reshaping the urban landscape.

Unraveling the Fresco

Creator: 9eme Concept

  • Date of Creation: 2014/2014
  • Location Created: Paris, France

“25e Etage – Tour Pleyel” emerges from the creative minds of 9eme Concept, a Parisian artistic collective known for pushing the boundaries of traditional street art. The chosen date of 2014 marks a moment when their vision manifested into a transformative fresco on the streets of Paris.

The Creative Visionaries: 9eme Concept

Creator Lifespan: 1971

As the creators behind “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel,” 9eme Concept comprises a collective of artistic visionaries. Born in 1971, the collective’s lifespan aligns with the dynamic evolution of street art in Paris, reflecting their adaptability and innovative spirit.

Creator Nationality: French

With French roots, 9eme Concept brings a distinctly Parisian flavor to their creations. The national identity becomes an integral part of their artistic expression, influencing the visual narrative embedded in “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel.”

Painting the Skyline

Type: Peinture (Fresco)

“25e Etage – Tour Pleyel” falls under the category of peinture, signaling the use of fresco techniques in its creation. The choice of fresco as a medium allows for a seamless integration of the artwork into the architectural fabric of the city, creating a dynamic interplay between the painted and the built environment.

Residency in Artistry

RĂ©sidence Artistique

The creation of “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel” is not merely a standalone artwork but a product of a rĂ©sidence artistique, highlighting the collective’s immersive engagement with the artistic process. This artistic residency becomes a testament to the dedication and time invested in bringing their vision to life.

Legacy on the Parisian Skyline

The fresco “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel” contributes to the legacy of 9eme Concept on the Parisian skyline. The collective’s commitment to transforming the urban landscape elevates street art to new heights, making a lasting impression on both residents and visitors alike.

Provenance and Artistic Custodianship

Provenance: 9eme Concept

As the creators and custodians of their own work, 9eme Concept ensures the integrity and authenticity of “25e Etage – Tour Pleyel.” The provenance emphasizes the collective’s role in shaping the narrative of Parisian street art.

Conclusion in Color

“25e Etage – Tour Pleyel” concludes its artistic dialogue with the cityscape, leaving behind a visual legacy that transcends traditional boundaries. The fresco invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of art and architecture, marking a significant chapter in the ongoing story of 9eme Concept and their transformative impact on Parisian street art.

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