Sweet Toof (UK): A Splash of Color in the Streets of London

mural by sweet toof uk sweet toof uk

Title: Mural by Sweet Toof (UK)
Creator: Sweet Toof (UK)
Date: 2011
Location Created: East London Oct 2011, London, UK
Technique: Freehand Spraycan
Surface: Objects (Sculpt./Elec Boxes, etc.)
Space: Public (unlikely commissioned)
Photographer: Lee Bofkin


In the dynamic landscape of London’s street art, one name that stands out is Sweet Toof, a UK-based artist known for injecting a vibrant splash of color into the city’s urban canvas. One notable piece that captures Sweet Toof’s signature style is the mural created in East London in October 2011.

The Artist: Sweet Toof

Sweet Toof, the enigmatic street artist from the United Kingdom, has become a prominent figure in the global street art scene. Operating under a pseudonym, Sweet Toof’s identity remains a well-guarded secret, allowing the focus to remain on the art itself. With roots deeply embedded in the rebellious spirit of graffiti, Sweet Toof’s work transcends traditional boundaries, turning the streets into a canvas of self-expression.

The Mural: A Riot of Colors

The mural created by Sweet Toof in East London in 2011 is a testament to the artist’s mastery of freehand spraycan techniques. Unleashing a riot of colors, the artwork transforms mundane surfaces, including sculptural elements and electrical boxes, into vibrant expressions of urban creativity. The choice of a public space, unlikely commissioned, echoes the artist’s commitment to the ethos of street art—unrestricted, unfiltered, and unapologetically bold.

Technique: Freehand Spraycan Mastery

Sweet Toof’s approach to creating art with freehand spray cans showcases not only technical skill but also an intuitive understanding of how color and form can interact in an urban environment. Each stroke of the spraycan becomes a brushstroke, contributing to the larger narrative of East London’s ever-evolving street art scene.

Photography by Lee Bofkin: Capturing the Essence

The documentation of Sweet Toof’s mural is credited to Lee Bofkin, a photographer with a keen eye for capturing the essence of street art. Through Bofkin’s lens, the ephemeral nature of Sweet Toof’s work is immortalized, allowing audiences to experience the vibrancy and energy of the mural long after its creation.


Sweet Toof’s mural in East London stands as a visual testament to the artist’s dedication to transforming public spaces into living, breathing artworks. As the colors continue to echo in the streets, Sweet Toof’s contribution to the global street art movement remains an integral part of London’s creative narrative.

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