Mural by Tizer: A Street Art Odyssey

mural by tizer tizer

Exploring the Urban Canvas of Tizer

Title: Mural by Tizer
Creator: Tizer
Creator Lifespan: Unknown
Creator Gender: Male
Date: 2012/2014
Location Created: East London – Brick Lane Area
Type: Mural
Provenance: Photo by Lee Bofkin on behalf of Global Street Art

Unveiling the Enigma: Tizer’s Artistic Persona

Artist Profile:

  • Artist Name: Tizer
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Gender: Male

The Mural: A Visual Symphony

Artwork Details:

  • Title: Mural by Tizer
  • Date of Creation: 2012/2014
  • Location: East London – Brick Lane Area
  • Type: Mural

Provenance: A Glimpse Behind the Art

The mural captured through the lens of Lee Bofkin, on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation, unfolds as a visual narrative of Tizer’s artistic expression. As an elusive figure with an unknown lifespan, Tizer’s work becomes a window into the enigmatic world of street art.

Tizer’s Creative Odyssey in East London

East London’s Brick Lane Area, a haven for street art enthusiasts, becomes the stage for Tizer’s mural. The vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of the locale provides the perfect backdrop for Tizer’s artistic odyssey, inviting viewers to delve into the intricacies of his creation.

Beyond Boundaries: The Mural’s Impact

Tizer’s mural, spanning the years 2012 to 2014, encapsulates the evolving nature of street art. As a male artist with an unknown lifespan, Tizer’s work challenges conventional norms, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression in the dynamic landscape of East London.

Capturing the Essence: Lee Bofkin’s Lens

The provenance of the mural, documented through Lee Bofkin’s lens, adds a layer of authenticity to Tizer’s creation. The collaboration between artist and photographer becomes a crucial aspect in preserving and disseminating the essence of street art beyond its transient existence.

Conclusion: Tizer’s Mark on the Urban Canvas

In the realm of street art, Tizer’s mural stands as a testament to the ability of artists to carve their mark on the urban canvas. With an unknown lifespan and a male identity, Tizer’s work becomes not just a visual spectacle but a symbol of the ever-evolving and diverse nature of street art in East London’s cultural tapestry.

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