Jerk 45’s “Cible”: A French Artistic Triumph

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Title: Cible

Creator Lifespan: 1971

Creator Nationality: French

Creator Gender: Male

Date: 2014/2014

Location Created: Paris, France

Peintre: Jerk 45

Type: Peinture (Painting)

Unveiling “Cible”: A Glimpse into Jerk 45’s Artistry

Jerk 45: The Artistic Visionary

Born in 1971, the French artist Jerk 45 stands as a creative force in the realm of street art. Renowned for his distinctive style and keen artistic sensibilities, Jerk 45 has left an indelible mark on the Parisian art scene and beyond.

The Artistic Creation: “Cible”

In the year 2014, Jerk 45 presented the world with a masterpiece titled “Cible.” This painting, a testament to his prowess as an artist, unfolded on the streets of the enchanting city of Paris. “Cible” serves as a captivating example of Jerk 45’s ability to infuse traditional painting techniques into the dynamic and transient world of street art.

Location: Paris, France

The streets of Paris became the canvas for Jerk 45’s artistic expression. Located in the heart of France, the city provided the backdrop for “Cible,” adding an extra layer of cultural resonance to the artwork.

Peinture Brilliance: Jerk 45’s Signature Style

As a peintre (painter), Jerk 45’s work often transcends conventional boundaries, blending classical painting techniques with the rebellious spirit of street art. “Cible” undoubtedly showcases the fusion of his artistic brilliance and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

Provenance: Jerk 45

The authenticity and origin of “Cible” trace back to the skilled hands of Jerk 45 himself. With a provenance firmly established, the painting becomes not just a visual delight but a piece of Jerk 45’s artistic narrative.

A Timeless Masterpiece: Jerk 45’s “Cible” Resonates

Jerk 45’s “Cible” stands as a timeless masterpiece, capturing the essence of his artistic journey. As the paint dried on the streets of Paris, the city bore witness to the convergence of tradition and contemporary expression, courtesy of one of France’s esteemed street artists.

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