Yok and Sheryo: Collaborative Street Art Murals in Sydenham

mural by yok sheryo yok

Exploring the Artistic Collaboration in London

Yok and Sheryo, both esteemed street artists, collaborated on a series of vibrant murals that adorned the streets of Sydenham in London, United Kingdom, between 2012 and 2014. This collaborative effort between two artists with individual styles left an intriguing mark on the city’s street art scene.

The Collaborative Mural: Fusion of Yok and Sheryo’s Styles

The collaborative murals by Yok and Sheryo represent a fusion of their artistic styles. While Yok brings his bold and colorful imagery, Sheryo’s penchant for whimsical and intricate designs adds another layer of creativity to the pieces.

Global Street Art Foundation and Provenance

The documentation of Yok and Sheryo’s murals was captured by Lee Bofkin on behalf of the Global Street Art Foundation. This collaboration underscores the significance of their joint contributions to London’s street art landscape and the efforts to preserve these impactful artworks.

Location: Sydenham’s Vibrant Canvas

Sydenham, known for its vibrant and diverse community, served as the canvas for Yok and Sheryo’s collaborative murals. Their artworks injected a fresh burst of creativity into the neighborhood, engaging residents and passersby with their visually compelling narratives.

Legacy and Impact

The collaborative murals by Yok and Sheryo continue to resonate with street art enthusiasts, showcasing the artists’ ability to blend their individual styles seamlessly. Their work stands as a testament to the synergy achieved through collaborative endeavors in the realm of street art.


The collaborative murals crafted by Yok and Sheryo in Sydenham during 2012-2014 encapsulate the fusion of diverse artistic styles. Through their joint efforts, these artists have left an enduring impression on London’s street art scene, celebrating the harmony of collaboration in urban artistry.

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