Sonni: Infusing Joy and Aesthetics into Buenos Aires Street Art

music machine

The Artist: Sonni

Sonni, born in Argentina in 1976, emerged as a pivotal figure among a generation of artists who revolutionized the street art landscape in Buenos Aires. His artistic journey seamlessly intertwined aesthetics from animation, illustration, and graphic design, reflecting a unique fusion of creativity within the aftermath of the 2001 crisis in Argentina.

Artistic Style and Context

“Music Machine,” created between 2010 and 2013 under the platform of graffitimundo, epitomizes Sonni’s signature style. His art often served as a vibrant contrast to the darker context of the streets they adorned. While occasionally hinting at the streets’ challenging circumstances, Sonni’s works predominantly radiated pure joy through their bold primary colors and cheerful characters.

Artwork Details

“Music Machine” is described as a piece crafted in acrylic on canvas, featuring dimensions of approximately w90 x h120 cm. This vibrant creation exemplifies Sonni’s ability to convey exuberance and positivity within the confines of urban spaces.

Location and Impact

Sonni’s contribution to Buenos Aires’ street art scene remains significant. His artworks, including “Music Machine,” transformed the city’s landscape, infusing it with vivid colors and a sense of playfulness. The artist’s ability to blend aesthetics from various visual disciplines allowed him to create pieces that resonated with diverse audiences.

Legacy and Influence

Sonni’s legacy extends beyond his individual artworks. His role in bringing animation and graphic design aesthetics to the streets inspired a new wave of artists and contributed to the evolution of Buenos Aires’ street art culture. His ability to infuse joy and vibrancy into public spaces remains an enduring aspect of his artistic impact.


Sonni, an Argentine artist, brought a refreshing blend of animation, illustration, and graphic design aesthetics to the streets of Buenos Aires. Through works like “Music Machine,” he navigated the city’s complex socio-economic context, infusing joy and vibrancy into the urban landscape. His artistic legacy continues to resonate, inspiring a new generation of street artists and contributing to the dynamic visual culture of Buenos Aires.

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