Natureza Viva: A Brush with Imaginary Wilderness

natureza viva regg and violant

Unveiling the Artistry: Natureza Viva

In the bustling streets of Lisbon, Portugal, the Galeria de Arte Urbana (Urban Art Gallery) hosts a captivating piece titled “Natureza Viva.” The collaborative creation of artists Regg and Violant, this work breathes life into the urban landscape, capturing the essence of an imaginary forest.

The Collaborative Minds: Regg and Violant

Regg and Violant, the creative forces behind Natureza Viva, joined artistic hands to bring forth this mesmerizing piece. While specific details about the artists may be limited, their collaboration on this project showcases a harmonious blend of styles and visions.

A Glimpse into 2013: The Birth of Natureza Viva

The year 2013 marked the inception of Natureza Viva, positioning itself within the Galeria de Arte Urbana in Lisbon. This period was significant not only for the artists but also for the city’s evolving urban art scene.

Centro Comercial Alegro: The Physical Canvas

Natureza Viva found its physical home at Centro Comercial Alegro in Setúbal, Portugal. The coordinates (38°32’14” N 8°52’40” W) pinpoint the precise location where the mural’s vivid depiction of a scared fox navigating an imaginary forest came to life.

Painting as a Technique: The Artistry Unveiled

As a testament to the artists’ skill, Natureza Viva is characterized as a painting, showcasing the meticulous technique employed by Regg and Violant. The portrayal of a frightened fox amidst transparent tree trunks and water lily-like plants adds layers of complexity to the piece.

Billboard Medium: Urban Art on a Grand Scale

Natureza Viva’s medium takes the form of a billboard, allowing the piece to transcend traditional art spaces. This choice of medium aligns with the ethos of Galeria de Arte Urbana, bringing art to the public domain and challenging the conventional boundaries of artistic expression.

Descriptive Poetry in Art

The description of Natureza Viva paints a vivid picture: “A fox runs scared through an imaginary forest, between tree trunks, sometimes transparent, and water lily-like plants.” This poetic description invites viewers to immerse themselves in the narrative woven by Regg and Violant.

Rights and Recognition

The rights to Natureza Viva are attributed to 2013 José Vicente, Galeria de Arte Urbana (GAU), Direção Municipal de Cultura (DPC), and Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (CML). This recognition highlights the collaborative efforts and institutional support behind the project.

In conclusion, Natureza Viva stands as a living testament to the transformative power of urban art. In the heart of Lisbon, Regg and Violant’s collaborative creation brings an imaginary wilderness to life, challenging perceptions and fostering a deeper connection between art and the urban environment.

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