Cheko’s “Nube gris”: A Vision in Granada’s Artistry

nube gris cheko

In the picturesque streets of Granada, Spain, the artist Cheko left an indelible mark with the creation titled “Nube gris.” Crafted in October 2014, this artwork became part of the Granada Pinta Bien project, showcasing the artist’s talent and contributing to the city’s vibrant art scene.

Cheko: The Creative Force

Cheko, an artist whose identity might be enigmatic, utilized the streets of Granada as a canvas for artistic expression. His work, including “Nube gris,” adds depth and creative ingenuity to the city’s evolving artistic landscape.

“Nube gris”: A Closer Look

The mural titled “Nube gris,” translated as “Gray Cloud,” is a testament to Cheko’s artistic prowess. While specific details about the mural’s imagery or thematic elements remain limited, it stands as a representative piece within the Granada Pinta Bien project.

Granada Pinta Bien: Fostering Artistic Expression

The project Granada Pinta Bien provided a platform for artists like Cheko to contribute to the city’s visual narrative. Through murals like “Nube gris” on Calle Nécora, Granada aimed to foster creativity and engage its community through public art.

Location and Impact

The specific location of “Nube gris” on Calle Nécora in Granada became a site for artistic exploration and engagement. This mural, a part of the city’s urban fabric, added a touch of artistic flair to the streetscape, inviting passersby to pause and contemplate.


Cheko’s “Nube gris” mural encapsulates the artist’s contribution to Granada’s urban art scene. Through this creation, Cheko became a part of the city’s narrative, leaving an artistic imprint that invites onlookers to immerse themselves in the beauty and intrigue of street artistry in Granada.

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