A.C.C and Francesca Sibona: Innovators of Italian Street Art

A.C.C and Francesca Sibona: Innovators of Italian Street Art
A.C.C and Francesca Sibona: Innovators of Italian Street Art

Creators’ Background

A.C.C and Francesca Sibona, pioneering figures in the realm of Italian street art, left an indelible mark through their collaborative mural “Nuovi giunti.” Little is known about A.C.C and Sibona individually, but their joint efforts in the world of art have garnered attention for their distinctive style and thought-provoking murals.

Artistic Collaboration

“Nuovi giunti” was created in 2012 within the confines of Parco Michelotti in Turin, Italy. The collaboration between A.C.C and Francesca Sibona showcased a unique blend of artistic prowess and vision, utilizing muralism as a medium to communicate their artistic expression.

Muralism and Style

This mural stands as a testament to the essence of muralism, capturing the attention of onlookers with its vibrant portrayal and striking imagery. The details of the mural, executed through paint on the wall, remain a testament to the duo’s creative ingenuity, even though specific details of the piece are not widely available.

Legacy and Influence

While the specifics of A.C.C and Francesca Sibona’s individual impact remain relatively obscure, “Nuovi giunti” remains an integral part of Italy’s street art landscape. Their collaboration, albeit brief, has contributed to the cultural dialogue surrounding street art in Turin and beyond.

Rights and Recognition

The mural “Nuovi giunti” is recognized under Creative Commons, allowing for wider dissemination and appreciation by art enthusiasts and the general public. Despite the limited information available about the creators and the artwork itself, its presence in the SAM Street Art Museum in Torino further solidifies its significance in the realm of street art.


A.C.C and Francesca Sibona’s collaborative effort, encapsulated in the mural “Nuovi giunti,” remains a testament to the innovative spirit and artistic contribution within the realm of Italian street art. Despite the scarcity of information regarding the creators and the specific details of the mural, their impact endures through this vibrant expression housed within Parco Michelotti, contributing to the colorful tapestry of Turin’s urban landscape.

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